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Our Instructional Team Members:

Instructional Team Members: The Institute's instructional team is comprised of the best the field of energy management has to offer. Each is a highly skilled professional with extensive hands on experience in field assessments and classroom instruction. All have taught at the university level, as well as providing specialized programs for the private sector, utilities, governmental entities, and others.

Team members have included:

Walter Bright, PE, PEM Thomas D. Mull, PE, PEM, CEM, CLEP
Greg Harrell, Ph.D., PE, PEM, CEM Carroll B. Hooper, PE, PEM, CEM
Jay Santos - PE, CEM William J. Turpish, PE, CEM
Douglas L. Gunnell, PE Thomas M. Fenimore, PE, CEM
Charles A. Martin, PE, CEM Glenn Cunningham, Ph.D., PE, CEM

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