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History of the Institute: The foundation for the Institute of Energy Professionals was laid in 1978, when William H. Mashburn, PE Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) developed the Energy Management Diploma Program. This program was designed to increase energy awareness and develop Energy Managers that could organize and administer an effective sustainable energy management program. The EM Program as it became known, has been conducted continuously since its inception and is now in its 31st year.

What separates this program from similar training efforts is its comprehensive, yet practical, approach to effectively utilizing energy resources and minimizing operating costs. The core group of instructors consists of acknowledged experts in their respective fields who not only had extensive experience, but the ability to effectively communicate their experiences and knowledge. In addition, the material is presented in such a manner that attendees do not have to have an engineering or highly technical background. The program was specifically designed to appeal to personnel with an interest in energy.  

At present the program is conducted at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC in conjunction with the Carolina Consulting Group, Inc. Upon completion of the three-week series, participants are required to pass a comprehensive written exam. With successful completion of the exam, participants are awarded an Energy Management Diploma from the University. The diploma is recognized by all federal government agencies, including the military, Fortune 500 companies, utilities, secondary school systems, colleges/universities, and service companies/organizations. In addition to the annual program offerings, this training has been conducted in-house for state agencies and industrial/commercial clients.
Even though the program has been conducted regionally for over thirty years, participants from all over the North America, the Asian Rim, South America, and the Middle East have attended. More than 700 participants have benefited from this comprehensive energy management training program in just the past ten (10) years. However, in spite of this international recognition, the greatest number of participants is still from the local (Mid-Atlantic) region, hence the need to expand nationally.
Need to Expand Nationally: New and more stringent government energy and environmental criteria continue to be placed on companies and organizations. Ever increasing national and international competition and economic conditions accentuate the need to reduce energy costs in order to maintain and enhance profitability, while gaining a competitive edge in the global market. With the increasing need for more trained energy personnel, the objective is to utilize the highly successful Energy Management Diploma Program as the model for expanded energy training. This can be done in a highly efficient manner since it has an established successful track record, experienced speakers, and readily available instructional materials. This expanded program will be provided through the Institute of Energy Professionals.

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