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Energy Assessments

The Institute provides energy assessments that are structured around three (3) primary objectives:

To evaluate the major energy consuming systems in a facility and identify opportunities to improve performance and/or reduce operating costs.
To upgrade the energy expertise of site personnel.
To identify Best Operating Practices, so they could be replicated at other facilities.

These objectives are accomplished in several ways.

Varying types of energy assessments, specifically designed to meet customer needs, can be provided. From targeted assessments involving a single person to in-depth reviews of all major utility systems requiring an expanded team of technical personnel, the Institute can tailor assessments to meet customer requirements.

What separates this group of skilled technical personnel from others is their extensive experience and ability to effectively communicate the reasoning behind assessment recommendations. In addition, Institute assessments are used as teaching tools. Site personnel are provided instruction on evaluating and optimizing system performance, so that information can be passed along to others, thereby increasing the overall knowledge base of site personnel and assuring sustained efficient operation.

Where customers have multiple facilities, additional instruction can be provided to enable site personnel to perform similar assessments at other locations. By training and utilizing in-house expertise to conduct energy assessments, costs associated with identifying and implementing savings initiatives can be minimized.

Other Technical Support - In addition to assessments, the Institute can provide other types of technical support. Included in this are evaluation of vendor proposals, review of proposed in-house projects with respect to energy and equipment performance, and providing recommendations for development of standards, and other services.


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