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Institute of Energy Professionals The goal of the Institute of Energy Professionals is to provide the very best in practical energy management training and technical assistance to personnel from all sectors. The core of the Institute's training is Energy Management Diploma Program, including the same curriculum and core group of instructors that have proven highly successful in producing effective Energy Managers for industrial, commercial, governmental, and institutional facilities. Program graduates have gone on to lead energy initiatives for major corporations, cities, colleges/universities, military installations, etc. The initial targets for the Institute program will be in-house training for major industrial, commercial, and governmental groups. 
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We currently have active PEMs in over fifty-five countries/territories and over thirty US states. In addition, PEMs are in key decision-making positions in several state energy offices as well as state and local government entities.

Our renewal form and process has been updated for 2022. We encourage you to read through the new renewal form, which can be found HERE. We encourage you to download and complete the form via Adobe or other PDF software, verses your internal browser PDF viewer.

Payment of examination and renewals fees can be made on-line via credit card. Please click HERE to go to the secure site for access.

The IEP is now associated with the Schneider Electric's Energy University™ as they introduce an Online Professional Energy Manager Certification. To view the press release click HERE

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