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Next In-Person class offering – March 18-22, 2024

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IEP has a variety of training formats to meet your learning needs. From synchronous (live) in-person to asynchronous (recorded) training, we are sure to have what you need.
Courses range in length from half-day to five days depending on the program, and the level of detail and topics covered vary as well.
Interested in certification? Many of these programs will allow you to sit for the Professional Energy Manager (PEM) certification. Interested in a diploma from a top-25 engineering university? IEP is the ONLY organization that offers that.
See below for the best pathway to start your energy management training journey!

NC State University Energy Management Diploma Program

Available: * Synchronous In-Person * Synchronous Online *

IEP’s flagship training is the Energy Management Diploma Program, jointly offered in conjunction with NC State University. Covering a massive range of topics and details there is simply no comparable program in the world.

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Schneider Electric Energy University

Available: * Asynchronous Online *

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to start your energy management training journey, look no further. IEP, partnering with Schneider Electric, one of the world’s largest companies, is happy to offer a PEM certification pathway through a fully asynchronous method, available to a worldwide audience.

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Customized Training

Available: * Synchronous In-Person * Synchronous Online * Asynchronous Online *

Not seeing quite what you need? Have a group with a wide variety of expertise you want training for? Need something specific to your facility and operations? IEP would be happy to create a customized training program for your needs. Contact us with here your needs to see how we can assist!

"Ad-hoc" Classes

Available: * Synchronous In-Person * Synchronous Online * Asynchronous Online *

Interested in targeted training versus a comprehensive program – IEP periodically offers training in a variety of subjects.

Learn more about IEP’s Ad-hoc classes here. Note, registration is course specific.