Professional Energy Manager® (PEM) Certification

The most in-depth and proven energy management training of its kind.

The Institute of Energy Professionals® (IEP) is proud to provide the Professional Energy Manager® (PEM) certification.

The program broadened my knowledge of energy management and enlightened me with new ways to approach problems I may encounter in the future.

Marty Bulloch

BMS Specialist, SAS Institute

Benefits of the Professional Energy Manager Certification

  • Credential your career with a well-respected certification, spanning over 50 countries/territories and 35 US states.

Obtaining the Professional Energy Manager Certification

Prerequisite Requirements

There are no prerequisites for the Certification.

Course Requirements

The PEM Certification can be obtained by taking classes through any of IEP’s training partners.

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Examination Requirements

Once the course requirements have been fulfilled, the student can sit for the Professional Energy Manager exam. The exam is a capstone assessment of the entire program attended.

Examination Process

IEP’s philosophy for examination is to try and make the exam as practical as its course content. When your peers or boss asks you a question about energy management, or needs a calculation performed for a certain energy efficiency measure, do they make you sit in a closed-room, with a timed clock, and only a pen and specifically approved calculator? NO! They want you to use your skills and resources to give them the best answer. As such, the exam is open-book, open-notes, open-resources, and is self-administered by the student on their own schedule. IEP has found this is the best way to truly measure student capability and long-term learning, verses short term recall from exam cramming.