NC State Energy Management Diploma Program

The most in-depth and proven energy management training of its kind.

The Institute of Energy Professionals® (IEP) is proud to partner with North Carolina State University to offer the Energy Management Diploma (EMD) Program. Covering a massive range of topics and details, there is simply no comparable program in the world.

Designed around the core values of IEP, the comprehensive Program is designed to help you reduce energy consumption, achieve sustainability goals, and enhance profitability through energy efficiency and management. The Program is practical, impactful, and backed by expertise in energy efficiency. Students leave with actionable learning that can be taken back to their day-to-day job activities and applied immediately. Instructional topics include the core technical topics (electric rates, air compressors, HVAC, boilers, building envelope, BAS, etc.), but also the broader topics around how to start and maintain a successful energy management program, strategic energy planning, managing energy beyond profitability, and more.

The Program is the longest-running energy management and efficiency training in the world, starting in 1978. With thousands of enrolled students in Program history, it is one of the most respected and attended programs in the world.

Credential your career with a Diploma from a renowned University and a well-respected professional certification.

Upon completion of the Program, students are eligible to sit for their Energy Management Diploma from North Carolina State University – a top-25 graduate engineering program in the United States. The Diploma is the only available diploma in energy management from a traditional University in the United States.

Completion of the Program also allows the student to obtain their Professional Energy Manager® (PEM) Certification. With over 800 personnel certified since the program began, PEMs are in over 50 countries and territories and over 35 US states.

Designed for an audience with a wide range of experience and expertise.

A “one-size-fits-all” approach to anything often doesn’t fit anyone. The Program is unique in the fact that it has been crafted to be attended by a wide range of audience, from boots-on-the-ground maintenance personnel to Fortune 500 energy managers; all providing excellent remarks and reviews upon completion. The Program’s ability to make this happen centers around the 20+ instructors used over the course of the Program, who are all experts in their respective fields and are actively consulting with a variety of companies and organizations who are facing the same problems and challenges as our students. Having the ability to ask pointed questions about your unique situation(s) with an expert in that respective field is an invaluable tool to getting what YOU need from training.

Program Format

The Program is broken into three, one-week courses, namely:

  • Energy Management Diploma 1: Managing Energy for Greater Profitability, Resiliency, and Sustainability
  • Energy Management Diploma 2: Maximizing Equipment Performance
  • Energy Management Diploma 3: Enhancing Equipment Efficiency

Each course can be taken independently, so students can begin the Program with any course and complete the Program in any order as their schedule allows.

Classes are available in-person or online to fit individual students learning style and travel abilities.

For detailed information about the individual classes and topics covered for each course, click the link above for a full description.

Calendar/Next Offering and Registration

In general, classes are offered once per year in March, July/August, and October. Registration for the Program is through NC State’s REPORTER registration system. A login is required to register. Registration can be accessed here.


Each course is nominally $1,995. Discounts for multiple students, multiple courses, and other financial information can be found on the Program registration page.