Schneider Electric Energy University

The most cost-effective way to being your energy management journey.

The Institute of Energy Professionals® (IEP) is proud to partner with Schneider Electric and their Energy University, offering FREE asynchronous (recorded) training in many different languages. With courses that are designed to teach and/or improve the energy fundamentals, there is no better way to start your energy management journey.

Recognizing the need for training internationally, especially in developing countries with limited budgets to take traditional US-based training, IEP partnered with Schneider Electric in 2011 to provide free, asynchronous based training and an opportunity to sit for the PEM certification.

Credential your career with a well-respected professional certification.

Completion of the Program allows the student to obtain their Professional Energy Manager® (PEM) Certification. With over 800 personnel certified since the program began, PEMs are in over 50 countries and territories and over 35 US states.

Vendor and technology neutral.

Rest assured that all the training under the Program is vendor and technology neutral. There is no requirement to use Schneider Electric equipment or services once you complete your training. Schneider Electric, like IEP, recognizes the need for training in this industry…whether you use Schneider Electric’s equipment after that is up to you.

Program Format

The Program is broken into “bite-size” classes which can be taken at the student’s own pace and at any time, 24×7 to fit the student’s schedule.

For detailed information about the individual classes and topics, visit the Schneider Electric Energy University for a full description*.

Calendar/Next Offering and Registration

As a result of the Program’s format, classes are available 24×7. Registration for the Program is through Schneider Electric Energy University’s registration system. A login is required to register and see information about the Program*. Registration can be accessed here.

*NOTE: to access anything within the Schneider Electric Energy University, a login is required. This is free to create and Schneider Electric will ONLY contact you further if you choose for them to do so. Your information will NOT BE SOLD under any circumstances. ***Check with Tom and/or privacy policy***


The Program is free to complete! After the completion of the Program, the student may choose to sit for the PEM certification exam for the fees as described here.